Posted by: Jennifer Sage | December 10, 2007

Triathlon training camps and Gelato

Triathlon training camps Tuscany 

There are quite a few triathlon training camps out there, but few are as exciting as cycling in Tuscany.  It’s a dreamlike land, with rolling hills dotted with vineyards and/or olive trees, thin black cypress trees reaching skyward, challenging climbs through chestnut forests to the top of the highest point in Tuscany.  And the villages!  All who have been there know exactly what I am talking about.  God are they charming!  And my recommendation…..make a detour to the center of a village any time you get the chance, because often those village centers are just off the main road.  

Why would you do that if your goal is to cover as much ground on your bike as possible, especially if you are training for a triathlon?  I mean, you’re burning daylight – why would you stop??  

Aside from the fact that the center of the villages are where you find the cutest stores and cafes, the architecture, and it’s where the real heart of Italy lies….there’s an even more important reason.

A reason strong enough to even cause the most serious triathlete or cyclist who just puts his or her head down and goes with blinders on until the ride is over, a hundred miles later….

And that reason is….. 

 Cycling in Tuscany, Jeff in Pienza with Gelato



Yes, gelato.  The minimum RDA is at least one gelato per day, but for rides of over 100km (62 miles for those who still can’t make that conversion), even 2 gelatos per day.  

 Cycling in Tuscany, Bandoni with Gelato

AND you should taste every flavor you can find, because their American counterparts usually have not much to do with the original, hand made local delights that you find in Italy.

 Cycling in Tuscany Gelato girls

Oh, were we talking about Triathlon Training Camps?  Check this one out!  The on-tour coach is a well-known certified triathlon coach from Toronto, Aubrey Bryce, a 2-time Olympian. You will work your butt off in the most beautiful place on earth, riding through postcard perfect scenery, with lots of hills to climb on your bike and opportunities to swim train with Aubrey.  You will stay in charming 3-star hotels, eat phenomenal meals, and you will have plenty of opportunities for gelato!

Check it out!

Triathlon Training Camp


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  1. Bella! Tanti auguri!

    I can almost taste the nocciola gelato!

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