Posted by: Jennifer Sage | October 28, 2008

A fellow cyclist and his family needs your prayers

I have been following Fatcyclist’s blog for about 9 months and barely a day goes by that I don’t click on his link in my reader to see what fun or whacky cycling adventure he’s been on or whether he’s written another hilarious open letter to some unwitting manufacturer of cycling clothes or products. Also, Elden Nelson (Fatcyclist) has shared with the universe of blog readers his family’s painful journey as his wife has gone through the stages of cancer. He’s shared the ups and downs, the very tough times, the happy and joyful moments, the moments of hope, and even despair, the wonderful things that people from around the world have done for them through donations of time and money and love, and he has also shared some of the very painful decisions that he’s had to go through, especially this morning. Please go read his blog post of this morning.

He doesn’t even know most of his readers (although he’s no doubt made thousands of friends from around the world in this process). This is one of the most amazing things about the internet, and about blogging, and that’s the amazing sense of community that can be created from people out there in the ether.

I met Fatcyclist at Interbike last month, and I was more happy to have met him that even Lance!


Fatty and Me

Fatty and Me

Well, this morning I opened up his blog and I am a different person as a result. Please, go read Fatty’s post today, and contemplate on life for a moment.  You probably won’t be able to read it without crying. Here is the comment I left – I share it here in the hopes it can inspire you to think about how you will go through your day today, after reading about what he and his family now must go through.

Who out there in the blogosphere has shared so much of himself, of his family’s trials, of his own personal grief and tough decisions, and with so much compassion, as Fatcyclist? No one! And who has gathered such a wide fan base because of this sharing and compassion? Fatcyclist! You are truly an amazing human being Elden.

Your time with Susan yesterday was a gift to you. And you are such a gift to her, and to your children. And I want you to know you are a gift to every one of us reading your posts. I can’t imagine a single one of us walking away from reading these posts, especially this morning, who doesn’t transform our own sorrow for your family’s experience into doing something nice for someone or being kinder as a result, and into saying more prayers about everything, not just for you and your family, but our own families or people we’ve lost touch with. That’s the effect you have on me, and I am sure, on the world.

Hospice is a transformational experience. You will meet people you swear have hidden their wings and halos and you will know you have done the right thing.


I wrote that very fast this morning, and only partially expressed my feelings. What I wanted to express was that as a result of reading Fatty’s blog, I am a different person, and I am blessed for having found his blog. Even though I only met Elden that one time last month in Las Vegas, I feel like a very close friend is dealing with cancer. And judging from the emotions in the comments from people all over the world, I am not alone in feeling that.

So whatever you believe in, however your beliefs transform themselves, please send your prayers, your good vibrations, your positive energy, whatever, send them to Elden and Susan Nelson and their three young children in Utah. Whatever comes from this in the next few days/weeks/months, at least Susan should feel a sense of peace and an overwhelming surge of love from around the world.



  1. Jennifer,

    You wrote so eloquently on Eldon’s site and said what many of us feel that I had to check out your site. I’m not a cyclist but I have been reading his blog for the past year and have gotten a sense of of the strength of your community.

    Like you, I shed some tears reading his blog this morning and wished I had a magic wand.

  2. Yes Nina, he’s had such an impact on me, and he’s so down to earth and just REAL! I thought if I could inspire even more people out there to go to his site and send their thoughts and prayers to his family. It’s amazing the power that has.

  3. Hey Nina –

    This is Elden’s sister, Jodi. Just wanted to say thanks for spreading the hope and wishes for my brother.

    His readers are the ones holding him up right now.

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