Posted by: Jennifer Sage | March 23, 2009

Sunday and Monday training sessions

Yesterday, Sunday was supposed to be a 1.5 hour Spin. I could have easily done it on my  bike as the weather was still nice (amidst reports of an impending storm), though a lot more windy. But I promised a friend I’d ski with her. I tell ya, living in the Rocky Mountains near a ski resort can make it hard to be laser focused on one sport…

So we skied all afternoon, and it was a quintessential spring day, with slushy soft bumps. We hooked up with some other friends (3 of us used to teaching skiing together in Vail) and sought out the best and steepest aspects we could find – meaning the skiing was hard and fun! Not much stopping to rest, although my legs forced me to take a break here and there.

And the Apres Ski went on a little longer than planned…(that’s yet another sport to partake in around here). Needless to say, there was no coming home and getting on my Spin bike! Here are the girls after skiing and a few margaritas.


Tamara, Joni and Jennifer after a day of spring skiing, March 2009

Tamara, Joni and Jennifer after a day of spring skiing, March 2009

So the legs got a workout, but not really the rest of me.

Early this morning I had to sub a Spin class, so my planned day off was actually spent on the bike for an hour. I tried to keep my HR below threshold, though I didn’t sleep well last night (like only a few hours)  and my heart rate reflected that. A nap will be de rigeur this afternoon! The importance of getting good rest when increasing training volume cannot be overstated. Fatigue, in the form of not enough sleep, wreaks havoc on the body almost as much (or more) than from physical exertion.

So get your sleep if you’re training!

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