Posted by: Jennifer Sage | March 25, 2009

Training for the Giretto – Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday I taught a Spin class at 5:30, so to get my “miles” in the saddle, I went in 50 minutes early and rode at an easy pace. The class itself was fairly hard. I did one of my favorite profiles, which I created to go with the  Run Lola Run soundtrack. It’s a fun profile that alternates seated flats with climbs, and true to the theme of the movie, you get to come back and do it again (and again and again), each time a little differently. Check it out here on my Spinning blog.

Following my 1 – 3/4 hr ride, I went to the weight room and worked upper body and core, with just a few lower body exercises thrown in. Full hour workout.

Then I went out to Taco Tuesday night at our local Agave restaurant and scarfed down 3 greasy tacos and lots of chips n salsa! Oh, and soup, too.

This morning I had my 6 am Spin class where I did my “Going to Jamaica” ride. A very fun playlist of reggae/ska or reggae-inspired music. The first part of the ride was flat roads with cadence surges against a realistic gear. That burns the legs, and is quite anaerobic. Then we had 3 climbs of 6-10 minutes each with a little break.

I pushed it fairly hard during the class. I then repeated the exact same thing an hour later as I was subbing a Spin and Core class. But this time, I “faked” it a little, as I didn’t want to cook my legs too much, and kept my HR much lower. So I got a full 2-hours of Spin in today. After that I led them through 30-minutes of core work, plank, back exercises and stretches. It felt great!

Going to Jamaica tomorrow! Spinning is sending me to teach a certification and possibly some continuing education. I land at 2, and if possible I’ll try to get in an hour at the club where I’ll be doing the training, but I’m also planning on some beach time. Friday is the certification (all day, with about 2 hrs of riding), and if we get enough people signed up, Saturday morning is the continuing ed – a 4-hr session, with about 75 minutes on the bike. If it doesn’t go (not enough people), I’ll have to find time to ride on my own. But the beach will be calling as well.

Sunday they are hosting a Spinathon, a fundraiser for a local school. I’ll be leading 2 hours of that, so I’ll get my 2-hours in. I probably should have volunteered for 3 hours! Monday nothing is scheduled except R&R, but again, I’ll try to ride (Spin) as much as I can as Tuesday I’ll be on a plane all day.

Not sure how much I can keep up on this blog while there. Think of me on the beach…. 🙂

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