Posted by: Jennifer Sage | April 13, 2009

My training for the Giretto – week March 28 – April 4

I am a little behind in posting my training for the Giretto – life has been getting in the way! This crazy event is only 3 weeks away, and I’ve only been out on my real bike once, so I guess I’m taking our goal of showing how effective indoor cycling is to outdoor riding to it’s highest level. Not that I don’t want to be on my bike, but I am a self-proclaimed wimp and we’ve had snow, sleet, rain, and just plain cold. Today it’s 44 degrees and partially cloudy, so I’ll be riding indoors once again tonight.

The last week of March, I was in Jamaica for a Spinning certification and to help out with a Spinathon in Montego Bay. But I didn’t get out that Wednesday due to a horrific blizzard and a harrowing drive on my part. Check it out on my other blog. I didn’t ride that Thursday, Friday or Saturday…but made up for it in Jamaica when I finally did get there over the weekend.

Usually traveling to places like this hacks your training plans….but this one really helped it!

Saturday March 28: on a plane all day. No exercise.

Sunday March 29: The GoodFit Spinathon – without a doubt the most fun I’ve ever had on a Spin bike! I led two 1-hr sessions in the morning and the final hour, for a total of 3 hours at a pretty high effort level (in intervals the first 2, then mostly climbing the final ride). Insert 2 hours of relaxing on the beach in the middle.

Monday, March 30: I led a Spinning orientation.We were one bike short, so for the final ride, I did not ride. Therefore, I only got 1 hour in for the day, during our “form ride” where I show them how to properly perform each movement. A few hard sections, but mostly fairly easy.

Tuesday, March 31: I had to ride – just had to even though I was in Jamaica! Fortunately I had Natalie of GoodFit and a few of her friends/students who also wanted to Spin. We put some crankin’ music and rode 3 hours in the evening at a pretty good clip. Lots of climbing, lots of Zone 3 & 4.

Wednesday, April 1: on a plane, then in a car, all day. No exercise.

Thursday, April 2: I went in 30-minutes prior to my Spin class, then taught for an hour. Moderate flat road the first 30-min, then a strength ride to Z3/4.

Friday, April 3 (my birthday!): First I taught my 6 am Spin class, a hard strength ride (Z3/4), then stayed and rode easy for an hour. A few students stayed and rode with me.

Saturday, April 4: No Spinning. Skied in 8-10″ of heavy, new powder, which was like mashed potatoes. Very challenging skiing – my legs were burning!

Sunday, April 5: Got up early to spin 2.5 hours easy in Z1/Z2 in my basement while watching the video The Long Way Round, about Ewen McGregor’s and Charlie Boorman’s epic motorcycle ride from London to New York across Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc. Then went out and skied and had a birthday barbecue at Blue Sky Basin. Hmmm, I ski really good bumps after a few glasses of wine!

Total this week: 10 1/2 hours, all on the Spin bike.

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