Posted by: Jennifer Sage | April 14, 2009

Training for the Giretto April 5 – 11. Plus a Hut Trip!

A big week of on-the-Spin-bike training, but nothing outside (riding) due to uncooperative weather – although I did get out to ski and snowshoe. Heck, I guess that’s what happens when living high in the Rocky Mountains! It can be a sunny 60+ degrees on one day, then 35 degrees the next with sleet and snow. And when it rains, it’s a cccccold rain!

Sunday April 5: I included this long Spin in the previous post, but my weekly calculations actually go from Sunday to Saturday, so this 2.5 hr ride is in this week’s mileage.

Monday April 6: My husband and I are building a house (in this economy?? Well, it was started a year ago, so yes!) and had to drive 2 hrs to Denver to look at tile. Made for a long day! My plan for an early morning Spin in my basement was thwarted by the snooze button… 😉

Tuesday April 7: Went 30-min early to my Spin class (Z2), then taught a 60-min strength class (Z3/Z4). Afterwards, I stayed and worked out with Samantha for an hour – mostly upper body and core, a few leg exercises.

Wed, April 8: I did a Lactate Threshold Field Test in my early morning Spin class. These students first experienced a field test last December. I’ve been promoting this for awhile, but still only had about 50% (9 of 18) wear a heart rate monitor and test themselves. For the others, it’s just a fun, hard Race Day Class. We ride 10 min easy to warm-up, then push hard for 5-min, then easy for 10, then the “time trial” field test begins – a 21 minute effort (to start the stop watch of the HRM one minute into the effort, for a total 20-min field test), all done in the saddle at flat road cadences of 90-ish rpm. This is at the highest sustainable effort you can maintain for 20-minutes, and is a good estimate of lactate threshold.

For myself, since I climbed hard the previous night, I lent out my HRM to a student who really wanted to find out her LT. I didn’t determine my own LT, but I did ride at that hard pace (Z5a). It felt very good to push hard, and I feel my fitness improving – it’s a great feeling! Now I’ve just got to figure out a good time to be able to do my own field test when I’m rested and can get an accurate result. I’m doing it next week with another class, but I won’t be rested.

Oh, yeah, then I stayed and rode another full hour in Z2!

THEN, I went on an overnight hut trip with my bookclub girlfriends, to Vance’s cabin, normally a 1.5-hour snowshoe. It’s not that difficult, but we got a little off-course, and ended up going 2 hours. There’s only one hard hill, most is rolling. The hut is pretty rustic, but we don’t rough it on the eating front! Kari brought shrimp tacos and lots of margaritas, and we had several bottles of wine (only 4 of us)! Being afraid of waking up in the cold, I took the bunk closest to the wood stove and got up every few hours during the night to stuff it with logs!




Thur April 9: The next day, it was snowing, and quite a bit colder. After relaxing a bit with a breakfast of lox and bagels & coffee, we cleaned the cabin & left. It starts with an uphill (yesterday’s downhill to the cabin) but then it went pretty fast – about an hour & 20 minutes. That’s Rita hiking in front of me in the falling snow.

Thursday night, I tried to go in early to Spin 30 minutes prior to my class, but had a man come in early with his two sons who had never taken a Spin class, so I spent a long time with them setting up the bikes and explaining proper form. My class was over various terrain, but I kept my own intensity below threshold.

Fri April 10: Taught my 6 am Spin class (mostly climbing, Z3-Z4) and then stayed and rode an hour in Z2.

Saturday: Big day! Weather kept me indoors, so I called Samantha and said “Come ride 3 hours with me!” We were only 20-minutes on the bike when a brand new instructor came in to practice for her first class a few days later. “Great!” I said. “Practice on us, and it will help us pass the time!”

Stephanie taught a great strength ride (I kept my intensity Z3 and lower) for an hour, then Sam and I stayed another 2+ hours, making a grand total of 3 1/2 hours! My HR averaged around 128 (Z2).

We drank a full dose of Endurox, and I had no soreness and felt great the next day.

Total: 12.5 hours Spinning
3.5 hours snowshoeing
1 hour weights/core (note to self: need more core work)

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