Posted by: Jennifer Sage | April 30, 2009

I set my record for an indoor ride!

I taught my regular 6 am class this morning, and then had to sub an 8:45 class. Why not just stay and ride in between? Sounded like a good idea at the time. And I have to say, it went by fairly quickly, with great tunes and a driving beat. All told, 3 hours 45 minutes. (I’ve only ridden longer on a Spin bike in Spinathons with many people around. So I count this as a record).

I taught the same profile for both classes, and it’s not an ‘easy’ ride either. It was 4 sets of extensive intervals of 10-12 minutes, each with a different focus. First flats, then climbs, then on the flats again then climbs again. I had some great music for this ride (I’ll post this profile sometime in the future on my Spinning blog) so that makes a huge difference in staying motivated and interested. The ride itself is fairly challenging, but I tried to hold myself back somewhat in the 6 am class; I think I got my HR just touching LT a few times.

Then for the 1:45 in between, I sat and rode mostly in zones 1 and 2, occasionally 3 for short periods. Quite easy.

For the final class, I let myself push it a bit – thinking I would “simulate” one of the Giro stages that ends with a challenge after a long time in the saddle. 

Afterwards, I led a 30-minute core class, mostly on the fitball.

It was a 4-jersey day! Yes, I went through four jerseys in those four hours (five if you count the shirt I changed into to teach the core class), as I hate to continue riding in a sweaty, wet jersey clinging to me. (Fortunately that never happens outside).

I can honestly say I feel great! Not drained, not lagging. Yes, a bit tired, but mostly from lack of enough sleep. I am really feeling fit, and that’s a tremendously good feeling.

Fit enough for four centuries in a row?? Well, we’ll see. My longest time in the saddle is 4.5 hrs and 62 miles. I certainly wish I had more outdoor riding time. But marathoners don’t usually run a full marathon before a race, do they?

It is what it is and I am feeling good. I leave in 8 days from today! Fitness-wise, and body weight-wise, I see a difference in my calf muscles, in my arms (that’s the first place I lose weight), and my face. My quads feel stronger, harder. But so far no change to the Buddha Belly – wouldn’t you know, the place I’d like to lose the most, is the last place to lose it! Typical.

This is the earliest I’ve ever experienced this, so I am excited for what I can accomplish the rest of the summer. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with my donations so far, although I’m still short of my goal of $2,500. If you, my reader, can see to supporting me with a small donation, I would be eternally grateful! I am not looking for big donations from a few people, rather I’m asking for small donations from more people. That way you feel good, and I feel good, and the Livestrong foundation feels good, and life is good! 😉  Can you handle donating just a fancy drink at Starbucks worth (preferably a Venti)!

Please support me in this crazy epic event.

Thanks, and MUCH appreciated!



  1. Sounds like some great training…was your butt sore?

    If you have same Buddha belly that I have it is related to the medication I take in 12oz or 750ml bottles every night! It relaxes me as advertised by is very high in calories!

    You’ll do great, Jenn!

    I ran the local marathon here this weekend and set a PR here…my longest training run was 15 miles…but healthy does of pilates, boot camp, and of course Spinning, made up the difference.

    Good luck and have a glass of vino for me!

    🙂 PS

  2. We who know Jennifer all admire her… and some are slightly envious of her freedom.
    Go Jenn. We are proud of you.
    family in NZ.
    PS. Jennifer biked all over our country!

  3. You go girl!!!!
    Make us all cyclists and Spinners Proud… as usual!

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