Posted by: Jennifer Sage | May 10, 2009

We’re at the Giro in Italy! The Giretto has begun!

It’s been quite difficult to find internet service so I’m rather behind in my posts (not to mention the fact that I started behind with not posting my last 2 weeks of training)!

I am borrowing a computer for this so I can’t post my photos either – but hope to do that tomorrow. But, if you are following me on Twitter, I’ve been posting some fun photos taken with my iPhone.

Arrival day in Venice – all went very smoothly on my three flights and my bag and bike arrived no problem. In fact, two of the flights were 30-45 minutes early – unheard of! I had a frequent flyer ticker and flew first class. Uh oh…I could get very used to that! the best part was being able to take a shower in the 1st class lounge at Heathrow during my 4 hour layover.

That first day, we hung out in Venice until jet lag got the best of us and forced us back to the B&B and dinner. Here’s some photos of our day in Vencie, such a romantic and beautiful city:


Beauty of Venice

Beauty of Venice

Venice old buildings


Venice gondolas

Venice gondolas


1,000 city behind me

1,000 year old city behind me

Team Giretto - the day before the BIG event!

Team Giretto - the day before the BIG event!


We stopped in this pub for a beer before heading to our B&B

We stopped in this pub for a beer before heading to our B&B


Please support us! We still are trying to make our bark even bigger with the Livestrong organization. If all my Twitter followers, Spinning blog followers, students and supporters only gave $5 or $10 (truly, it’s not much at all) then we’d surpass all our goals! This is for Livestrong, and everyone on this earth has been (or will be) affected by cancer in some way – either personally or someone you care about.

Livestrong is a fantastic organization. Thank you for your support.

And just a suggestion: sign up for Twitter and follow us. Even if you don’t do much else with it, you’ll get lots of fun Tweets and pics LIVE from us here at the Giro. And while you’re at it, follow Lance, because he is almost as much fun as we are! I even got my husband Jeff to sign up for Twitter, because it may be one of the only ways he hears from me! Now, that was a big move for him.

Our Twitter handles:
Me: @vivavelo
Gene: @liveon2wheels
Nina: @cyclingchic

Lance: @lancearmstrong 





  1. Hi Jenifer,
    I am looking forward to the day we can have you try the RealRyder. We actually are doing well in Italy our distributor is located in Verona and he has made many inroads into the Italian market. He will exhibiting at a trade show (fair) in Rimini. My partner Colin is leaving for Italy on Tuesday to help at our exhibit at Rimini Wellness. You would be surprised how well we are doing in NYC and many places around the USA and the world. I know that StarTrac still has your attention, but there isn’t any comparison between the two bikes. I guess using the StarTrac Spinning Bike after using the RealRyder would be like competing in the Giro on a beach cruiser. Anyway enough for patting RealRyder on the back and I hope you are having a great time!


    Sean Harrington

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